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How do you operate?

 Grooming by Savvy is based out of home in the middle of Hudsonville township. Your dog will be able to roam throughout the salon without coming in contact with other dogs keeping them safe and comfortable. Hand off and pickup your pup at our enclosed breezeway.    

What services do you offer?

Premium Bath & Haircut

On top of your pup getting a premium bath, blow dry, nails, Ears, and brush out, they'll leave with a fresh new haircut of your choosing! Please keep in mind mats often can't be brushed out and to keep your pup healthy and comfortable they should be shaved out. Any alterations to the original plan will be discussed with you beforehand. 

Basic Bath

Each dog will get three baths. Two rinses with shampoo and a final rinse with conditioner. The first shampoo rinse loosens the dirt and oil in the coat. The second rinse will remove the dirt and oil. The last bath of conditioner will leave your pups coat moisturized and smelling good. Blow drying your pups coat leaves them smooth and smelling awesome. Your pups nails will be trimmed along with their ears cleaned. The comfort of your pup is my number one priority therefore if your pup is matted they cannot be bathed without also getting a haircut


We offer routine maintenance services such as nail trim and file, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, paw pad shave downs, sanitary trims (butt and belly trim) to keep your pup nice and clean, and simple face trim to keep hair out of the eyes and mouth.

What size is my dog?

Small: Up to 25lbs

Medium: 25lbs-50lbs

Large: 50lbs-85lbs

XL: Above 85lbs

What payment methods are accepted?




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